Everything you want to know about the art you'll display for

How the Experience unfolds

Once your children have changed into their Christmas outfits ( I have PJs in red or green and Nightdresses in red or antique white in sizes from 2-10 so you don't have to go out and buy any!!) they are led into his Workshop ( or our NEW den setting) where there is . . . nobody!! At this time Santa is out feeding the reindeer. After a few minutes of you and your children being able to poke and ponder the jolly old soul will arrive!

They will then spend approximately 30 minutes with our real-bearded Santa Claus in his workshop or den. Just imagine your child having a “child to Santa” conversation about the North Pole, Mrs. Claus and the rest of the elves, his route on Christmas Eve, what they want for Christmas and who knows what else they might ask? Eventually Santa will invite them to assist him at his workbench to repair a toy or two. This involves some invisible magic dust which they are assured will be there when they see their portraits! Before Santa leaves for his reindeer he will share a glass of milk and a cookie.

Naturally, while all of this is happening I will be there capturing all of their expressions and actions.

Details, Details,Details

"A place for everything, everything in its place." - Ben Franklin

These portraits, more so than any other style I create, are detail oriented. As a "disciple" of Norman Rockwell I believe he must have read this quote by Benjamin Franklin and made it the very soul of his art.

Almost every tool and every toy in the workshop is carefully placed in a particular place at a specific angle to direct your eye to where it needs to go. It will never be perfect but I will always be perfecting.

From the time on the clock to the blocks spelling out your child's name, to some of the toys reflecting your child's personality - there are many little details that are often missed the first time your portraits are gazed upon.

And then there are the expressions of pure joy, amazement, awe and in some cases even "starstruck disbelief". These expressions are as real as it gets.

The Big Reveal!

Approximately 1-4 days after your Experience you will have a private showing on our 7 foot projection screen! These images you view will be "raw and uncut" due to the time and work involved in adding the special glow and magic dust to each image.

Therefore your children must not be at your Reveal or the magic of Santa Claus will be over.  

I will be there to personally review all the great images with you in our projection room. I can assist and guide you in making decisions based on the type of Art you desire. Some images are incredible as your focal piece of Wall Art while others help tell the story as a page in your book.

For those travelling from several hours away ask about other viewing options before you book your experience.

Orders placed at this time are eligible for significant savings and bonuses.

Ordering - Step 1


- You have to see and feel the quality of these magical portraits

-printed on highest quality materials from professional labs

-The special glow, colouring and magic are hand-painted into all Wall Art

These Canvas Prices 

are in effect at Reveal Only:

- acrylic, metal prices

 available upon request

12" x 16" - Accent   $398

16" x 24" - Hallway       $598

20" x 30" - Loveseat       $788

24" x 36" - Standard         $934

28" x 42" - Sofa                  1198

30" x 48" - Masterpiece        $1448

40" x 60" - Majestic       $1998

Wall Cluster of three canvases

20"x30" & two 12"x16"


 Receive 3 Gift Prints  free 


** With Cluster you can receive

the same 3 Digital Negatives

for ONLY $300 **

Reg Prices are 20% higher.

Ordering - Step 2


- exquisite quality, direct from Italy

- personalized, metallic photo cover

- 20 pages with story text

and ten of your child's images

11" x 8" in size

with photographic hard cover


These Storybook prices in effect at Reveal Only:

Single    $798

Three     $1797

With Hallway canvas or larger

Single     $548

Three     $1196


Purchase a 30"+ larger Wall Art

AND an Album

and Receive 3 Gift Prints  free.

** With an Album you can receive

the same 10 Digital Negatives

for ONLY $500 **

Reg Prices are 20% higher.

Ordering - Step 3


These prices in effect at Reveal Only:

Gift Prints - 3 from same pose

- all artwork included

- mounted on smooth-mount

 - any size 12" x 8" or smaller - $398

With any size wall art  - Only $199

Digital Negatives

- all artwork included

- with print release up to 8" x 12"

$750 each

$900 for 3

$1500 for 10

with $1000 in prints/album  - 20% off

with $2000 in prints/album - 40% off

with $3000 in prints/album - 75% off

with $4000 in prints/album - FREE

Reg Prices are 20% higher.